Sky High Yoga: How I Keep Fit While Flying

High Yoga
High Yoga

Flying can be a great deal of fun. But it can also be uncomfortable, particularly when you are crammed into a cramped airplane seat for hours on end. However, as a pilot, I have discovered a way to stay fit while flying, thanks to sky high yoga. I have found that this ancient practice not only helps me stay fit, but also keeps me calm and relaxed during long flights. In this article, I will share my experience of practicing sky high yoga on planes and the benefits it brings.

Flying High and Staying Fit with Sky High Yoga

As a pilot, I spend a considerable amount of time in the air, which can be taxing on the body. However, with sky high yoga, I can stretch my muscles and keep my body in shape while flying. Sky high yoga involves a series of gentle stretches and movements that can be performed in the aisle or in your seat. So, whether you are flying economy or business class, sky high yoga can help you stay healthy and fit.

The Monkey Mind: Finding Balance in the Sky

One of the biggest challenges of flying is dealing with the stress of travel. Whether it’s the fear of flying. The anxiety of traveling to a new destination, the monkey mind can easily take over. However, with sky high yoga, I have found a way to calm my mind and find balance in the sky. Through the practice of deep breathing and meditation, I can reduce stress and anxiety. Allowing me to focus on the present moment and enjoy my travels.

Ascending to a Higher State with Airborne Asanas

Sky high yoga is not just about stretching and relaxation, it can also be a spiritual practice. As a pilot, I am constantly reminded of the beauty of the world from a bird’s eye view. Sky high yoga allows me to tap into this sense of awe and wonder. To connect with something greater than myself. Through the practice of airborne asanas, I can ascend to a higher state of being. And experience the joy and peace of being alive.

In conclusion, sky high yoga has been a transformative practice for me as a pilot. It has helped me stay fit, calm my mind, and connect with something greater than myself. I encourage others to try sky high yoga on their next flight and experience the benefits for themselves. Whether you are a frequent flyer or an occasional traveler, sky high yoga can help you stay healthy and centered in the midst of the chaos of air travel.

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