Take It Easy

Take It Easy
Take It Easy – Midjourney

We all should learn to take it easy…

As I sit here, drunk and alone
With this monkey by my side
I can’t help but think about my own
Exhaustion, my endless fight to abide

By the expectations I have set
For myself, my ambitions and goals
But sometimes, I can’t help but fret
Feeling burdened by the weight of my soul

The world and its perceptions, they can be harsh
Making me feel inferior, clueless, and adrift
But I must remember, it’s not only the external
That can bring me down, but my own internal rift

I am the only one who can work towards
A more fulfilling life, that much is true
But there’s no harm in taking a break, a short pause
To refresh and return with renewed vigor, it’s due

So I’ll sit here, with this monkey by my side
And take a moment to breathe, to let go
Of the chains that bind me, the constant strive
To be the best, to constantly grow

Take It Easy

For in this moment, I am enough
Just as I am, in my imperfection
And when I return to the race, it will be with love
For myself, and my never-ending quest for self-improvement

Inspired by Little bit about life

Pilot Wife

Reading this poem from the perspective of a drunk pilot’s wife, it’s clear that the pressures of life and work can be overwhelming, even for those who appear to have it all together. The struggle to balance personal ambition and self-care is a familiar one, and it’s heartening to see the poet acknowledge the need for rest and self-love. As the wife of a pilot, I understand the importance of taking it easy to recharge and reflect, not just for oneself but for the safety of others. I hope my husband takes these words to heart and remembers to prioritize his well-being, both in the cockpit and out.

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